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Privacy Statement

Rink Management (Mega Ice) values all personal information provided by its customers, and this note sets out Mega Ice’s policy and practices in relation to personal data and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance").

The Ordinance protects the privacy of individuals by controlling the manner in which personal data may be collected, held, processed and used. Any personal information collected and recorded by Mega Ice in relation to a customer, from which the identity of the customer can be ascertained, will be subject to regulation by the Ordinance.

Personal data may be used from time to time to notify you of products and services carried by our rink which may be of interest to you. Mega Ice may transfer (whether within or outside Hong Kong), disclose and/or exchange personal data of the customers to and/or with all such entities as Mega Ice may consider necessary, including the following entities:-

(a) any subsidiary, affiliate or business partner of Mega Ice;
(b) any branch or office of Mega Ice;
(c) any actual or proposed assignee, participant or transferee of Mega Ice's right in relation to a customer;
(d) any agent, dealer, contractor, sub-contractor or third party service provider appointed or engaged by Mega Ice;
(e) any bank or financial institution;
(f) any professional body;
(g) any direct marketing agency or related entity; and/or
(l) any charity

Any of the entities referred to above may utilize the personal data in the course of any business or performance of any duty or function carried on by such entity.

A customer is entitled to request Mega Ice to cease to use his or her personal data for the purpose in connection with promoting, improving or furthering the provision of the services by Mega Ice to customers generally; and on receipt of such a request Mega Ice shall cease to use such personal data for such purpose.

Requests for access to personal data, correction of personal data and information relating to the kind of personal data held, may be made in writing by post to: Unit 1, L10 MegaBox, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Or email to

Or fax to 2709 4030